I have authored the following texts on topics relating to education, autism pedagogy and the use of iPad in the classroom. 

They are all freely available on the iBooks Store.

Kindness Savant Will Pixelate

In this book Craig Smith presents a philosophical essay on key considerations in autism education. Four elements are primarily addressed - the need to know the students we are working with, to consider the nature of accessibility and universal design, to recognise the qualities of The Edutainer and The Behaviour Detective, and to investigate ways of utilising the special interests of students on the autism spectrum. This book is different to Craig's previous work as an experimental prose approach to addressing some of the core ideas of modern autism pedagogy.

PDF copy of 'Kindness Savant Will Pixelate' - Download

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Thunderbolt Gunzel

In this book Craig Smith presents a philosophical essay on the notion of the individual at the position where autism and the epochal interests of those on the autism spectrum meet the expectations of an ever changing education system. This is a sideways sequel to Craig's previous essay, 'Kindness Savant Will Pixelate'. Also includes Craig's recent essay, 'Everything All of the Time: Chronos and Goals'. 

PDF copy of 'Thunderbolt Gunzel' - Download

The iPad Model Classroom

In this book Craig Smith, Aspect Practice Specialist and Apple Distinguished Educator, takes readers on a journey through a week in an iPad Model Classroom. Each day of the week is abound with a showcase of innovative best practice ideas and learning activities to help educators creatively implement iPad in their classrooms. Special attention is given to the needs of learners on the autism spectrum, with core competency areas pertaining to autism education discussed throughout.

'iPad Task Planner' from this book - Download

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Minecraft In Your Classroom: Pocket Edition

In this book Craig Smith and Heath Wild, educators for Autism Spectrum Australia, demonstrate how classroom teachers can use the incredibly popular iPad app Minecraft as a rich pedagogical tool. Dozens of lesson plans, ideas and work samples for all the Australian Curriculum learning areas are presented, as well as content pertaining to how Minecraft can be used to meet core competency goals of students. This textbook will be valuable to all educators who work with iPads and want to further develop the scope of how they creatively engage their students.


Bonus: Downloadable Lesson Plans

Minecraft English Lesson Plan            Minecraft Mathematics Lesson Plan          Minecraft Arts Lesson Plan            

Minecraft Science Lesson Plan            Minecraft Health Lesson Plan                   Minecraft Humanities Lesson Plan

Minecraft Languages Lesson Plan        Minecraft Technologies Lesson Plan

The Digital Organic: Using iPad in the Garden

In this book Craig Smith, Aspect Practice Specialist and Apple Distinguished Educator, guides readers through a series of projects that utilise iPad in the school garden. Creative ideas abound with the implementation of a number of unique resources that interact with the iPad, including the ExoLabs Camera, Lego StoryStarters kit, and Sphero. Readers will be inspired by the varied ways of engaging students in the garden. Notes relating to particular ways of achieving these projects in relation to autism education goals are discussed throughout.

One Best Thing

Reaching All Learners: Utilising Student Interests to Empower Accessibility

The importance of personal interests for children on the Autism Spectrum cannot be overstated. Learn how Craig Smith leverages the passion of his students in order to empower them to access the expectations of the school curriculum using film and multimedia production.