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I can't wait to join you in Johannesburg next week - I have so many ideas that I want to share with you. Before I leave Australia, I want you to have access to some of my resources that you might find useful to download before you attend my workshops or summit presentations. I would also love to hear from you about specific things you would like me to cover at either the Creative Learning iPad Summit or the Special Needs Technology Summit - please get in touch with me through my e-mail address ( or on Twitter (@wrenasmir) and let me know what I can prepare and bring to work on with you.


#ipadsummitZA Workshops

Below you will find links relating to the content covered in the workshops at the summit:


Session 1.2 - Student Centred Classroom environments

One Page Profiles for young children from SheffKids:


One Page Profile templates for young adults / adults:


Craig's Book Creator One Page Profile:

Download ePub version: HERE

School Instruction Manual (PDF and Word copies):


'Create your School in Minecraft' by Glen Storey:

Session 1.4 - Personalising the iPad for Every Student

2017 iPad App Toolbox for Special Education: View


Reaching All Learners workshop resources: View


Choiceworks and Choiceworks Calendar:


Day One Journal:



Session 2.2 - Creative Emotional Regulation using iPad

Explore your Emotions, Inside and Out: Article -


Crafted Meditation: Video Tutorial -


Zones of Regulation: Web site -


eCue: Website -

Session 2.4 - The Digital Organic - Taking iPad Outdoors


Blog Post on the Digital Organic:


My 'Digital Organic' iBook to directly download:


Tiny Nature Artist: video


Explorers Journal: Download -

ePub File

Session 2.8 - Caine's Arcade - Your Classroom as a Hackathon!


Caine's Arcade:


Challenge Based Learning resources:


Paper by Fiftythree:


Marvel app prototyping app:


The Everything Machine:


My Books

I have published a couple of books on iPad workflows, the educational use of apps like Minecraft, and on all different aspects of autism education. Those books are all available freely on the iBooks Store, however I realise that the iBooks Store is not available in South Africa at this stage, so I have uploaded all my books for you to download from a folder here:

You fill find iBook versions and PDF versions of my books for you to download to your iPad or MacBook. 


My iTunes U Courses

You can subscribe to my iTunes U courses for free at the links below. Some of them, like the 'iPad Masterclassroom', collect together many of my favourite apps that we use in my school. Some of the other courses focus on special interest activities that my students love, such as Pokemon Go and the Pixar movie Inside Out. Subscribe to them and access my lessons and ideas for your classrooms:

The iPad Masterclassroom.

Explore your Emotions, Inside and Out.

Coding for Life.

Jamming with Skoog.

Explore Everything with Pokemon Go.


Look around!

If you look around my website you will find many more resources and ideas that will help to inform you about the sort of educational focus points I am passionate about. Don't forget to write to me to let me know about things you might like me to additionally focus on, I like to be useful and I want to make sure I am addressing all the ideas you'd like to build on. I look forward to being in Johannesburg and seeing you soon!

Craig, May 2017.