Special Interests - Live from Melbourne

In this talk given at Aspect's Autism in Education Conference 2016, live from the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Craig Smith discusses the 'Special Interests Accessibility Components' (SIAC) as a new framework to consider the way in which we implement the special interests of our students on the spectrum into our classroom practice.

A video of the talk can be viewed here: 'Reaching All Learners: Utilising Special Interests

Explore your Emotions - Live from Sydney

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From Apple's website:

Join inspirational educator Craig Smith as he shares iPad activities any parent can use to help their child manage and develop emotions.

Based on the Oscar-winning movie Inside Out, the strategies Craig teaches help children develop self-regulation skills, resilience and a sense of self, nurturing their mental health and wellbeing.

While Craig’s passion lies in creative education strategies for children and young people with autism, this course is designed to provide a meaningful educational experience for all children and parents.