Voice Over Selfie Challenge

iPadpalooza GC


Can you take a selfie using ‘voice over’?


To do this activity you will need:

      Sound is turned on, on your device

      Headphones are highly recommended


Activate Voiceover

      Place VoiceOver in your accessibility shortcut: Settings>General>Accessibility>Accessibility shortcut.

      With that, you will be able to turn it on of off with a triple click on the home button. You can ask it to Siri as well.

      Also inside accessibility, tap on VoiceOver and read carefully the note about the basic use of VoiceOver, where you will obtain simple instructions on how to move around.

      To Activate VoiceOver, double tap in the “OK” button that confirms the note about the changes on the screen gestures.


Activate Camera

      Press home, locate the camera icon and double tap on it.


Turn the Screen Curtain on

      Once you see the camera viewer, make a triple tab with 3 fingers on the screen to turn on the screen curtain.

      Now, you will need to pay attention to all words you hear from VoiceOver, as it is going to be your unique source of information.


Check your camera is facing the correct way

      Swipe to the right until you hear “Camera chooser, back facing”. This means that the back camera is active, so you need to double tap on that button to switch to the front camera, information that will be read by VoiceOver.


Get yourself in the frame

      Hold your device in the same way you do when you take a regular selfie and listen the information about your face detection and how it is located within the picture.

      Try to get the message “One face, large face, centered”. This means that the picture is perfect.


Take your selfie

      To take a picture, double tab the screen with 2 fingers or press the volume buttons, but you can also find the “Take picture” button on the lower part of the screen by exploring the screen or flicking until you locate it. The sound of the shutter will tell you that the picture is done.


View your photo

      Flick through the screen until you hear “photo and video viewer” and double tab on it.

      Turn off the screen curtain to see your results by doing a triple tap with 3 fingers again.